Satsuki azalea – 2829

Satsuki Azalea variety “Kakuo” Measurements: 580mm x 390mm x 300mm .  

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Satsuki Azalea – 2832

Satsuki Azalea variety “Kogetsu” Measurements :   490mm x 350mm x 280mm Planted in a terracotta...

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Satsuki Azalea – 2835

Satsuki Azalea 2014 cutting  “Kakuo”    

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Satsuki Azalea – 2837

Satsuki Azalea 2014 cutting variety  “Polo”    

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Japanese White Pine – 2839

Pinus parviflora . Measurements: 340mm x 290mm x 200mm  

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Soils – Professional Bonsai Mix 30Ltr.

This mix is based on Moler clay, kyodama,graded bark and grit. All ingredients have been seived to remove the...

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Dwarf Japanese Maple – 2828.

Acer palmatum “Kiyohime” Measurements; 260mm x 280mm x 290mm.

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Dwarf Japanese Maple – 2827

Acer palmatum “Kiyohime” Measurement; 350mm x 390mm x 400mm.

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Japanese Maple – 2825

Acer palmatum “Deshojo” Measurements; 300mm x 180mm x 190mm.

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