Soils – Akadama

Ibaraki Akadama 14 litres This is a Japanese volcanic subsoil. Can be used on its own or mixed with other growing...

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European Hornbeam – 2892.

Carpinus betulus. Measurements :- 550mm x 500mm x 330mm.

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Soils – Professional Bonsai Mix 30Ltr.

This mix is based on Moler clay, kyodama,graded bark and grit. All ingredients have been seived to remove the...

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Japananese Larch – 2935

Larix kaempferi Measurements : 1060mm x 870mm x 700mm.

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Wisteria – 2918.

Wisteria sinensis. Measurements :  470mm x 360mm x 330mm.

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Hawthorne “Paul’s scarlet”- 2910.

Crataegus  laevigata “Paul’s Scarlet” Measurements: 720mm x  700mm x  620mm.

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Chinese Elm – 2897

Ulmus parvifolia. Measurements :-  250mm x 250mm x 160mm.

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Soils – Kyodama 10 kg

Kyodama granular growing medium. very high porosity and permeability. Can be used on its own or combined with...

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Japanese Holly – 2896

Ilex crenata. Measurements :- 230mm x 180mm x 160mm.

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