Soils – Professional Bonsai Mix 30Ltr.

This mix is based on Moler clay, kyodama,graded bark and grit. All ingredients have been seived to remove the...

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Cork Bark Chinese Elm- 2887

Ulmus parvifolia “CORTICOSA” Measurements:- 740mm x 600mm x 510mm.  

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Chinese Elm – 2895

Ulmus parvifolia Measurements :- 180mm x 140mm x 120mm.

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Buddhist Pine- 2894

Podocarpus macrophyllus Measurements :- 300mm x 230mm x 110mm.

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Dawn Redwood- 2890

Metasequoia  glyptostroboides. Measurements :- 530mm x 430mm x 250mm.

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Red Pine – 2873

Pinus densiflora Measurements :   500mm x  570mm  x  500mm.  

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Hawthorne -2865.

Crataegus monogyna Measurements:   950mm  x  650mm  x  550mm.

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European Beech – 2860.

Fagus sylvatica. Measurements:-  850mm x 840mm x 800mm.

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English Oak -2856.

Quercus robur. Measurements:- 900mm  x  450mm  x  710mm

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