Dwarf Japanese Maple – 2828.

Acer palmatum “Kiyohime” Measurements; 260mm x 280mm x 290mm.

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Dwarf Japanese Maple – 2827

Acer palmatum “Kiyohime” Measurement; 350mm x 390mm x 400mm.

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Japanese Maple – 2825

Acer palmatum “Deshojo” Measurements; 300mm x 180mm x 190mm.

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Japanese Maple – 2823

Acer palmatum “Deshojo” Measurements; 320mm x 230mm x 180mm.

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Japanese Maple – 2821

Acer palmatum “Deshojo” Measurements; 400mm x 280mm x 200mm

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English Elm – 2818

Ulmus procera Measurements;      780mm x 650mm x 580mm.

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Shohin grade Akadama 14L

This Akadama is graded. It contains smaller particles than the standard  Akadama and hence is suitable for mame...

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Japanese White Pine – 2781.

Pinus parviflora Measurements: 350mm x 350mm x 260mm

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Japanese White Pine -2780

Pinus parviflora Measurements: 390mm x 390mm x 310mm

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